Time at school doesn't spend without any purpose.
Children take part in every school party with love and plesure.
The daily programme at school is full of different and various genres parties: literal-musical, performances anniversary, celebrations, songs and sports and games...

December 3-rd is the International Invalid's day

All the tale heroes of the world: the wolf, the bear, the fox were gathered in the marvelous school-complex hall. All of them had the same purpose to get free the princess from the captivity of the old malicious woman. Aetting over some temptations the heroes found the princess and when they opened the box they were astonished, evry body got presents. The event was too excited because there were many invalid children with special abilities.

Mother's and beauty day

With the awake of nature a holiday mood was again flied in our luxurious hall, once again the song and the music were ruled in the event of the women’s international day and all of those were for dear women, mothers, sisters.
In the event were participated the pupils of the schools-complex. Also the teachers took their active parts in that event.

The concert of choir

The duorated hall gave holiday mood to the audience.
The pupils attached importance to the music in the life of any society, it gives the human being life and freshness.
The children sang a lot of armenian folk songs. It was a great surpise the participation of the teachers in the event.
If was beautiful the dancing in the music of “Ashkharums imn du es”.

Sport games in our school-complex

Every sporting day is a holiday for the children of the special group. They complete with their friends. Here the important is to participate and not to win. We consider all the participants winner and they are given presents by the school principal.

Armenian Army

Armenian Army was formed eighteen years ago. It had a long way through labouring, hard-work, belief and hope.
At the party patriarch Hayk, Vardan Mamikonyan,Armenian brave men were our children's "quests".

The 13-th wedding in the special school.

Emil and Karine tied their red and green ribbons. Guests, friends, the whole teaching stuff of the school were present in the wedding party. Best wishes, exciting moments, promises, assurances were addressed to them. The wedding was organized according to Armenian wedding traditions.

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