Alvina Balayan
10 form

I am Alvina Balayan. I was born in 1989. My mother died very early. Even I can't remember her face. I didn't attend school for diferent reasons. I was a girl of fifteen and I was ashamed of not knowing reading and writing. Fortune smiled upon me, one day. My father was informed of Kapan Special Vocational school # 3 and my brother and I agreed to study at school with plesure. My brother is younger than me. He studies well and gets excellent marks.

When I came to school, I remember, I was bald andand a kerchief was worn on my head. I felt ashamed of everyone. Everything has changedduring these three years. That frightened girl who always huddled in the corners now has become a lilerate and educated girl with long hair, who got a "diploma" for modesty. I learned to do a lot of things here such as to embreioler, to make delicious dishes and so on.
Everything good in my life began from the goor-neighbourly treatment of the Vocational School #3. I amgrateful to my dear comrade Davtyan and my form-master with all my heart I love all of you. I love the world and I love me.

Ann Martirosyan
7-th form

I am Ann. I am 12 years old. When I attend the school I can't speak, but bue to my sordo-pedagogue today I can communicate with everbody as well as I can. I like to read and write, to paint and to do handwork. I like to play very much and to be the first. I like my school and all my teachers

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