The military-political, social-economical difficult condi- tions, marketal relations as well as the political crisis dominating in the final years aggravated the universal interrelations.
In basis of any activity, neglecting the peculiarities of a child's growth, the educational, psychological influence also weakens upon them, it reflects negatively on the formations of youth behaviours.

They live next to us

We live in the Earth planet.It is a world where good and bad, evil and kind, beautiful and ugly live next to each other. We are human beings, differ from each other with our beliefs and, of course, physical abilities.
If we have an opportunity to dress be indifferent to a person wearing rages. If we are strong physically, then we shouldn't grin and pass by meeting a disabled person.
My dear friend, treat him with tenderness and respect. Give him hope and belief of living proudly.

I am Lilitik. I'm 9 years old. I want that all the children listen to me and I want to become a teacher. I want help children and get them "5". I like our school and dining-hall very much.
I am Razmik. I am 9 years old. I want to be a strong, that children does'nt beat me. I eat very much, becouse I want to be stronger. At first I like my mother and sister.

Ara Avanesyan -14 years old

I am Ara Avanesyan. I am 14 years old. I get up early in the morning in order not to be late for school. I attend carate and football groups and I always in the boxing. I like to keep my clothes and books clean. I like to build houses with cubes. When I become order I'll be a policeman so there will be no robbery and fight in our town..

Borik Zakaryan - 9 years old

He doesn't speak. Step by step he prounces the wolds like "mama", "ba-ba", "p". He perceives the idea of bib and small and arranges small net-like baskets and towers putting one inside the other and one on the other in progressive.

Andranik Martirosyan -14 years old
(Insufficient mental development)

I am Andranik. A am fourteen. I haven't got a father that's why I want to get old quikly to earn much money for our family especially, for my mother. Before I didn't listen to my mother now I listen to her. I am the eldest in our class and I don't anybody beat our girls. I like to paint trees and a wood with watercolours very much.

Monika Hambardzumyan - 9 years old

She pronouns the names of her close friends by exclaining, sometimes saying some words: "I broke", "I am drinking", "ran away". I do work for development of physical contact, general tender finger exersises coordination exercises and some social elements.

Ashot Sargsyan - 13 years old
(Insufficient mental development)

I am Ashot. I'm 13 years old. I want to come to school every day. Most of all I like Ara and Mrs. Anoush in our class. I like to paint the sun and my mother with watercolours
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