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Visit Kapan as it is impossible to perceive the magic blue -

purple beauty and the breath of history, which you will see

and feel.

Kapan has been mentioned since ancient times. Once it was the capital of Syunik Kingdom. Kapan is a region of strong national identity and rich historical heritage. Welcoming its visitors with open arms. Guarded by Armenian's most commanding height, the city of Kapan nestles at heart of this land of soaring peaks, bottomless gorges, and fast flowing rivers. Zangezur is Armenia to the core of its mountains, a land reverberating with the pride and passion of people who have fought heroically down the centuries to preserve their national identity. Nothing quite compares to the special natural beauty of Kapan, which may explain why its people have fought so hard to hold on to their land. Kapan which is also called Ghapan,
Kapan's Photo Gallery
Kapan's Photo Gallery
Kapan's Photo Gallery

as a settlement existed still in the middle ages and has been mentioning since the 5th century. The fortress is situated in the province of Kapan of Great Hayk's Syunik World. Kapan means gorge, canyon and it is called so because of the existence of many gorges and canyons.The city of medieval Kapan is situated 14-15 km northwest of nowdays Kapan.
The Syunik historian Stepanos Orbelyan documents that in the end of the 9th century the settlement of Kapan which belonged to Tsagikyans' subbranch, was rebuilt by Prince Tsagik, the son of Gevanchir Sisakyan. In 987 when Syunik Kingdom was formed, Kapan became one of the major centres, and later the Kingdom's capital Shaghat became Kapan. By the 11th century in the circle of its flourishing the city had about 15-20 thousand population. The modern city of Kapan owes it's existence to the discovery of copper deposits in the early 19th century.
The rich natural resources within the mountains drew people to this busy mining town which gradually envolved into a big industrial city. Syunik, besides, being a beautiful land, is also a heart of ancient civilization.

Kapan's Photo Gallery
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