Number 3 special school complex of Kapan was founded in 1998 having purpose to give education to those children who are orphaned, vulnerable and with physical defects and during its activities organizing integrational education which aim is to give these children knowledge, abilities in different spheres in order to realize the real life , to be in contact with its possibilities and give them opportunity to have their own place.

In our school complex study 250 children, 87 of them are double-sided orphans , the others are one-sided orphans and from the social vulnerable families .
About 80 teachers, educators, nursemaids work in our school who give education and help the children to find theirs places in the life.
The school organizes also handicraft education: electrogas welders, machine-toolers with large profiles, bakers, cooks, gold smiths, silves smiths and other specialities.
This education is given to those special vulnerable children who didn’t have opportunities to study some speciality and today not having experience, can’t orient in working market, they have difficulties to do work and they don’t intigrate in society.
The school complex has subsidiary buildings, a camp, repaired bedrooming subsidiary, furnished dining-hall, furnished conferrncehall, well-arranged physical training hall, local new heating system, snilful pedogogical collective , who have partieipated in diffirent international seminas studies.
The school complex takes case of the social problems of its wards, orphans, doesen’t leave anybody neglected.
The school collectivetakes care of getting marry them, seeing the boys to army and giving them dwelling.
The school complex with its area, classrooms, playrooms and bedrooms are specially furnished for the vulnerable children together with USA peace corps “Mission Armenia” and chasitable Public Organization we have created “Warm Hearth”, where live our those wasds who can’t exist indipendent.
The second plan of the same kind is in process with ZCMC.
We have managed to help some orpans to find their relatives.
In our school study the children f our orphans that we have helped to get marry, that is to say the grandsons of our school. The school complex is placed almost in the center of the town, it’s easy to solve transport problems.
The school complex works in close cycle, aftes studying nine months, they continue educational works in our eamp.
The school complex is a big family where we overcome all the difficulties by helping each other.
We are one team together with children and parents.

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